The Titus 2 Institute [T2i] is a center for online schools
for ministry and life

With so many online programs out there,
why should you choose T2i?

Because T2i turns your dreams into reality!

Your dream of successfully launching a coaching and counseling ministry can quickly become your reality. 

The current reality is that 99% of startup counseling and coaching ministries close their doors. 

You can immediately change that reality. 

And your dream of finding victory over your challenges can quickly become your reality.

Visualize your victory over pornography, depression, anger, and marital conflict. 

These are bold promises!

But T2i stands apart by it’s ability to keep these promises. 

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T2i is a training institution sponsored by the Titus 2 Ministry, a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to online community development and counseling services. Click > Titus 2 Ministry

T2i is also affiliated with Pastor Tae Shin who is the founder of T2i and the Titus 2 Ministry and provides private coaching and counseling services and resource development for T2i. Click > PastorTae.com


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