Hi, I’m Pastor Tae of the Titus 2 Institute

And I want to invite you to revisit your daydream of becoming a coach, counselor, and entrepreneur.

You remember that dream of helping others and making a difference, right?

You remember the thrill of laying out a life plan for someone seeking direction, yes?

You remember the satisfaction of mentoring a depressed person or helping a broken marriage, don’t you?



Maybe you became a pastor or missionary instead of following your dream.

Maybe you entered the work field instead of answering the call.

Well, time has passed and much has happened.

And that dream may have become a distant memory.

And I understand why.


You went to school and got a fancy degree, but nobody cared to ask.

You tried to launch your ministry, but the traditional methods did not work.

You contacted churches and handed out cards and flyers but no one responded.

You rented an office space, but no one knocked on your door.

You made a commitment to endure the hard times, but you had bills to pay and mouths to feed.

So, you found a job that pays the bills but did not stir the heart.

You’re not alone.

Over ninety percent of coaches, counselors, and entrepreneurs have experienced this.


Here’s the truth.

The traditional ways of launching a ministry do NOT work.

The school does not teach you how to make it in the real world.

Add to that another truth:  The world does not know you exist.

And even if they did know you, there still remains a burning question: “Why should they come to YOU out of all the other coaches and counselors out there?”

So, even if you became a coach, counselor or entrepreneur, you would be lost in a crowd of other coaches, counselors, and entrepreneurs.


So, what are you going to do?

Now, if you have read to this point, it’s because you still have a flickering hope that you might become a coach, counselor, or entrepreneur someday.

And I’m here to tell you to keep that hope alive, because there is a better way that really works.

This new way has been proven to work.

The training can be done on your own time no matter where you are around the world.

There are more than 125 videos to instruct you inside a closed group on Facebook, called “Titus 2 Institute – Counselor Coach Empowerment”

You will learn what the school never taught you.


Here is a quick overview of the training:

How to rise above the crowd and become an authority.
How to use social media to promote your ministry.
How to focus on niche ministry
How to use video to get clients all around the world.
How to build a website without paying someone thousands of dollars.
How to build an email campaign.
How to price your services
And so much more…

And personal coaching is also available in addition to the training.

If you are interested in a FREE TRIAL, click the graphic. Give your email and you can enter a closed community for a free experience of the training. [check your Facebook Messenger for any messages from T2i]

Better yet, click the options below to ENROLL in the training:

For Self-Starters > Basic Training
Monthly Subscription of 102.00

For Married Couples (discount)

Monthly Subscription of 150.00

Basic training + private coaching sessions
* This is an accelerated and customized strategy for sharper strategy and greater impact
* Contact Pastor Tae to discuss the options and pricing plans


After you choose an option above, go to the Facebook Group “Titus 2 Institute – Counselor Coach Empowerment” and ask to join.
or click the logo to go there. [check your Facebook Messenger for any messages from T2i]


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