Freedom and Impact Mastermind



This is a true mastermind experience for aspiring coaches, counselors, and entrepreneurs.

This is a 90 day intensive that captures a classic mastermind experience of the following 3 major features.

  1. The “Hot Seat” – where each member makes a serious presentation of their projects and goals and receives honest critique and strategies for success.  Because of the smaller sized gathering, each member will be ensured a hot seat presentation at every scheduled meeting.
  2. Accountability– where each member will receive and give accountability and peer pressure towards success.  This is the biblical blessing of give and take.
  3. Group Coaching– each member will have access to a private Facebook group where teaching and resources and homework assignments will be archived. This will be place of learning and preparation towards the mastermind meetings.

The group coaching will feature the Freedom and Impact System – The Six Pack. 

STEP #1:  MINDSET – the mind is the control center from which all decisions are made
Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset – biblical emphasis on the renewing of the mind
Understanding failure as feedback
Understanding your pain that can leads to your purpose
Understanding your passion
Understanding your fears

The Benefit:

You will learn about the challenges of the mind and how it can become the
biggest roadblock to your success.  You will learn how to harness the power of a
renewed mind that overcomes your fears and painful memories and see your pain as
a foundation for a greater purpose.

STEP #2:   MISSION – the mission is a clear view of the vision, purpose, and plan of action
Clarifying the vision and purpose
Making a decision about your current job or pursuit
Articulating the business plan
Networking and building a team

The Benefit:
You will get a clear view of their vision, purpose, and plan of action.  This clarity
will lead to confidence and motivation to execute the plan and give you a reason to
get up in the morning and pursue your purpose.

STEP #3: MARKET – the market is the world out there that is too big and must be made smaller through niche marketing.

Understanding the problem you want to solve in this world
Clarifying your ideal client
Targeting a niche market
Developing Blue ocean strategy
Sharpening the presentation
Becoming the authority in your niche
Specializing in content marketing
Creating email marketing

The Benefit:

You will see a tremendous benefit to understanding their niche marketing.  This
will give you greater focus and harness all your energy and creativity into one clear
direction.  This will lead to you becoming the authority in their specific niche and
position them for success.

Step #4: MEMBERSHIP – the loyal followers who will commit to your offer
Growing a social media group of loyal followers
Creating – know, like, trust
Creating conversations through Facebook live shows
Invitation to participate in surveys
Launching Beta projects
Client acquisition strategies

The Benefit:
You will see greatly benefit from seeing how your vision and plan is coming to
fruition as people begin to rally around it and show interest.  This will lead to great
encouragement and inspiration.  You will then develop a heart of giving and
service and begins to bond with his followers.

Step #5:  MONETIZATION – the business strategy of exchanging one value for another
Understanding the call to action
Developing a monetization strategy
Identifying the digital products and services
Crafting the offer
Developing a strategy of bring in clients
Scaling your offers

The Benefit:

You will see the obvious benefit of understanding the call to action and
developing a clear plan of monetizing his mission. This will lead to the clarity you need
to sharpen your offer which begins the process of bring in prospective clients.

Step # 6:  MASTERMIND – the landing spot for the ultimate offer
Understanding the design and purpose of a mastermind
Creating the hot seat and accountability
Inviting followers into a mastermind group
Creating transformation and strategy inside the mastermind

The Benefit:
This is the ultimate benefit as your ultimate offer brings in committed clients.  The
benefits include the monetization, the future scaling of his offers, and the
stabilization of your business/ministry

The mastermind meetings will center around the six pack curriculum which will launch/establish your business/ministry that will lead to your freedom and impact.

The mastermind meetings will center around the six pack curriculum which will launch/establish your business/ministry that will lead to your freedom and impact.



The Freedom and Impact Mastermind starts on this summer (2020)
The launch date will be released soon

The FIRST TEN action-taking people will receive a 2,000.00 discount!



You can choose to make 2 payments of 2,800.00
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