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With so many online support groups out there, WHY should T2OMC exist?

That is a great question!

We had to ask that to ourselves before we started. 

Here, we are offering FOUR solid answers

First, we offer a solid teaching curriculum based on the Bible

This might seem like a no-brainer, but most groups don’t use the Bible as the base for the teaching.  They use books that mention Bible verses.  And that is NOT the same thing.  Unfortunately, we live in a time when people are more interested in books but not THE BOOK. 

  • We are especially honored that some of the best Bible teachers from around North America will be teaching the Bible to us.

  • Our teaching will be organized under the BIG 5 topics of marriage.  See graphic. 


Second, we offer ongoing accountability

There are a few groups that offer this.  But we are truly committed to offering consistent accountability with the ongoing availability of moderators who function as older brothers and mentors.  We believe that genuine and lasting relationships can come from this. 

Third, we offer mentoring opportunity

This is usually not offered in other groups.  But this is the final step in transformation as people are changed and then given a chance to help the next person.  And this is an important aspect of mentoring as believers who have experienced success can truly help those who need help.  This is the biblical principle of older teaching the younger that is found in Titus 2:1-6. 

Fourth, we offer biblical counseling to those who ask

Most groups function as public forums with no resident counselors.  This will become our distinctive.  We are ready to offer customized and private help. 

  • if you are in need of counseling right now, do not hesitate and contact us for a free conversation. CONTACT


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