The JumpStart Plan

For aspiring coaches, counselors, and entrepreneurs
who are ready to jumpstart their business/ministry in 6 months!


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You have THREE options in jumpstarting your business/ministry. 

1.  DIY Self-Starter Program:

The Do-It-Yourself Self Starter program is for someone who has the self initiative and some basic knowledge of online ministry.  This program is housed in a private Facebook community with over 200 video-instructions on everything you need to build a successful online business/ministry.

You will self-learn over 30 categories of coaching, counseling, and entrepreneurship, such as: 

Branding > your image and your authority and becoming the go-to expert that people will contact for help.

Marketing Strategies > such as blogging, email, social media, video, etc.

Monetization Strategies > how to setup your finances, how to make money

Products & Services > How to develop your products and services

Website development  > I will teach you how to build your own website for free and not pay someone a ton of money!


Monthly Subscription of 150.00

* start anytime, cancel anytime.

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2. The Mastermind:   

This is a 90 day intensive training that captures a classic mastermind experience of the following 4 major features.

Group Coaching– each member will have access to a private Facebook group where teaching and resources and homework assignments will be archived. This will be place of learning and preparation towards the mastermind meetings.

Mastermind Meetings – each member is invited into a mastermind meeting where the teaching and resources from the group coaching will be discussed and applied.

The “Hot Seat” – inside the Mastermind meetings, each member will have the opportunity to seat on the “Hot Seat.”  This seating position is where presentations are made about their specific project.  This is a place where honest critique and strategies for success will be discussed.  Because of the smaller sized gathering, each member will be ensured a hot seat presentation at every scheduled meeting.

Accountability– Inside the Mastermind meetings, each member will receive and give accountability and peer pressure towards success.  This is the biblical blessing of give and take.

FIVE person MAX

The FIRST THREE action-takers will receive a 2,000.00 discount!

ONE PAYMENT of 2,500.00

* the regular price of 4,500.00 activates after the first three people join. 


You can choose to make 2 payments of 1,250.00
Click the link to make 2 monthly payments (automatic 2 payments in 2 months)

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3.  Private One on One Coaching:

This is the top experience of private coaching from Pastor Tae that includes all the resources, tools, and strategies.  The coaching involves important areas such as mindset, messaging, marketing, and monetization.

This program is customized to the needs of the client, and so, the coaching costs will vary.

A custom package and pricing will be produced.


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